Tao Dice by Kevin Fox
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Welcome to Tao Dice!

This game originated as a class assignment in Jesse Schell's Game Design course. Along the way I created a game that I'm eager to share with others. This site chronicles the initial and continuing development of Tao Dice.

Tao Dice pieces

Employing elements from Poker and Liar's Dice, Tao Dice was designed from the beginning to be easy to learn, but harder to master. It's portable, and as suitable a game for times when you only have a few minutes to play as it is for focused all-night battles.

Tao Dice is still in development, and we're looking for a distribution partner. Please direct inquiries to hello@fury.com.

Enjoy the site, and enjoy the game!

Tao Dice is suitable for ages 10 to Adult, and is an excellent game for 2 to 6 players.